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All Made to Order stands below now have 4 Colors options & are 15% off after adding to cart: 

 CDR101 TV Risers CDR201 Formal Desk Risers
CDR401 Two Tone Desk Riser  Soundbar Risers 
Center Channel Speaker Risers CDR501 Desk Risers with Shelf
CDR601 Risers with Support Bar C2930 Low Profile Stands 
C2986 Lattice Bonsai Stands 2018 Formal Mission Bonsai Stands
C3078 Arched Leg Stands C2964 Curved Leg Bonsai Stands


Below are more details:

 CDR101 TV Risers Made to Order
CDR201 Formal Desk Risers Made to Order
Soundbar Risers Made to Order
Center Channel Speaker Risers Made to Order
CDR501 Desk Risers with Shelf Made to Order
CDR601 Risers with Support Bar Made to Order
C2930 Low Profile Stands Made to Order
C2986 Lattice Bonsai Stands Made to Order
2018 Formal Mission Bonsai Stands Made to Order
C3078 Arched Leg Stands Made to Order


Jims Woodworks has the highest quality TV Risers, TV Stands, Bonsai Stands with IN STOCK display stands and Made to Order Stands.  

Availability: IN STOCK availability: ships in 1 to 3 days.
Availability: MADE TO ORDER availability: ships in 5-6 weeks depending on the type of stand, the stand size and order volume.

The Made to Order Catalog has low prices and 2,268 different sizes.  All of my stands are made in my shop in Western Colorado, USA.

The Display Stands are made with high quality craftsmanship using strong joinery techniques with many original designs that will complement any TV, stereo, collectible, artifact, or Bonsai tree.
All TV display stands, Bonsai Stands, and desk risers are individually custom made to the specified dimensions, and type of material ordered by the customer.