CDR501 Desk Riser with Shelf - 27" Length, 13" Width, 13.5" Height - Dark Red Oak

  • $238.99

Made to Order Item #CDR501 Desk Riser with shelf - 27" Length, 13" Width, 13.5" Height CDR501 Desk Riser with shelf details:
The CDR501 desk risers with shelves are all made from solid hardwood, and finished with a protective satin water resistant finish. The wood may vary in grain pattern and color. The finished sizes of the desk riser will be within 1/8" of the listed sizes. 
The desk riser top, shelf, and sides are approximately 3/4 inches thick, with a decorative slightly rounded edge on the top. All stands can support 250 or more pounds. 

The available space underneath:
The available length underneath is 2 inches less than the listed length
The width is the same as the listed width
The available height underneath for each top and bottom section is found in the "Available height underneath" section below.

Available Height Underneath
27 x 13 x 13.5 tall - space underneath is 26" length, 13" width, 6" height for each section.

Below are 2 pics.  The first one shows the width of the top and the shelf (3/4" each)

The second pic shows the Height available for each section (6"), the total Height of the stand (13.5"), and the finished Width of the stand (27").

shelf stand

shelf stand

Top color will be Dark Red Oak (oak with a red mahogany stain.