CDR601 Desk Riser with Support Bar - 31" Length

  • $134.99

Made to Order CDR601 Desk Riser with Support Bar - 31 inch Length
Your choice of different widths, heights, and type of wood.

The CDR601 Desk Riser offers extra support for the sides from 6" tall thru 10" tall.

Standard Features:
Made from solid hardwood
Water resistant washable finish
Decorative slightly rounded edges
All stands 3/4 inch or more thickness
Stands can support 250 or more pounds
Stands are made within 1/8" of the listed size
Offers extra support for tall stands
The support bar is 3/4" thick, 3" wide.
The wood may vary in grain pattern and color.

The available space underneath:
The available length underneath is 2 inches less than the listed length
The available width underneath is 1 inches less than the listed width
The available height underneath is 3/4 inches less than the listed height.

Examples of available space underneath:
31 x 10 x 6 tall - available space underneath is 29 length, 9 width, 5 1/4 height

Below is a picture of the dimensions I use for all products.