IN STOCK - Arched Leg Style 26" Length, 10" Width, 4 tall Dark Red Oak

  • $89.99

IN STOCK-  Item C3078 Arched Leg Style - 26 inch Length.

Size: 26" Length, 10" Width, 4 tall

Color: Dark Red Oak

Standard Features:

  • Made from solid hardwood
  • Water resistant washable finish
  • decorative beveled edge on the top
  • All stands 3/4 inch or more thickness
  • Stands can support 150 or more pounds
  • Stands are made within 1/8" of the listed size

The wood may vary in grain pattern and color.

The available space underneath: 
The available length underneath is 3 inches less than the listed length
The width is the same as the listed width
The available height underneath is 3/4 inches less than the listed height.

Example of available space underneath:
26 x 10 x 4 tall - available space underneath is 23 length, 10 width, 3 1/4 height