IN STOCK - CDR401 Two Tone Desk Riser  - 20L-12W-10H

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Size: 20L-12W-10H 

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CDR401 Two Tone Desk Riser 
Top: Black Hardwood
Sides: Dark Red Oak
Desk Riser dimensions: 20 inches long, 12 inches wide, 10 inches tall.
Available Space Underneath: 18 length, 12 width, 9 1/4 height

CDR401-201210, heavy duty TV stand, desk top organizer, or monitor stand made from solid hardwood.
The top hardwood is stained with Minwax Polyshade Black stain, and finished with a water resistant finish.
The Dark Red Oak hardwood sides are finished with a water resistant finish.
This is a very strong stand  designed to handle heavy TV's or equipment up to 150 lbs. The top is 3/4" thick with a decorative slightly rounded edge.

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