In Stock Dark Burgundy Wine C2930 Low Profile Bonsai Stand 17.5L - 5.375W - 1"H Jims Woodworks USA 70818

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Size: 17.5L-5 3/8W-1 1/8H
C2930 Low Profile
Color: Dark Burgundy Wine (stained with Minwax Polyshade Bombay Mahogany stain)
Dimensions: 17.5 inches long, 5 3/8 inches wide, 1 1/8 inches tall

The top is made from solid oak hardwood.  The single piece style feet are made from oak and stained with the same Minwax Polyshade Bombay Mahogany stain.  

The display stand is finished with a protective satin water resistant finish.  The top is 5/8" thick with a slightly curved edge.  The feet are 1.25" x 1.25", 1/2" thick.