SOLD 1-24-2022 Mesa Bass Guitar Speaker Riser CDR701SPDS w/ Two Bottom Supports - 20L-19W-10H Dark Red Oak

  • $229.99

Sold - 10-24-2022 - Made to Order CDR701SPDS

20 inches Length, 19" width, 10" height
 Type of wood: Dark Red Oak 


The two bottom supports give this riser design the ability to handle very heavy items.
The  stands are all made from solid hardwood, and finished with a protective satin water resistant finish. The wood may vary in grain pattern and color. The finished sizes of the desk riser will be within 1/8" of the listed sizes.  
The stands are about 3/4" thick, comes standard with a slightly rounded edge on the top.  All stands can support 200 pounds. 

The available space under a CDR701SPDS Desk Riser:
The available length underneath is 2 inches less than the listed length
The available width underneath is the same as the listed width
The available height underneath is 1 1/2 inches less than the listed height.

Example of available space underneath a CDR701SPDS Desk Riser:
20 x 19 x 10 tall - available space underneath is 18 length, 19 width, 8 1/2 height