Color Samples

Samples of Different Types of Woods 

4 oak pic


Dark Walnut

Walnut Hardwood, stained with dark walnut stain, satin finish.  

Note: this color is only for 20" Lengths or less.


Dark Walnut


Red Walnut

Walnut Hardwood, stained with red mahogany stain, satin finish.  

Note: this color is only for 20" Lengths or less.


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 Black Hardwood

Oak hardwood, stained with Minwax Polyshade Black, and finished with a water resistant satin finish. 

Black Hardwood      TV riser stand desk riser black hardwood  Black TV riser Monitor stand

About Minwax Polyshade stain treatment:
The Minwax Polyshade is a custom black stain treatment that creates a pure black color, a very long lasting, extremely durable finish that is much stronger than wood that is painted black.  It is superior to painting because it stains the wood, and cannot be chipped off like paint.
It's 5 step process that I specialize in, and when completed is truly amazing.


Dark Red Oak

Material: Oak hardwood, stained with red mahogany stain, satin finish.

 Dark Red Oak


Mission Oak
Material: Oak hardwood, stained with dark walnut stain, satin finish.
Mission Oak     

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Natural Oak

Material: Oak hardwood with satin polyurethane

Natural Oak.

Unfinished Hardwood

Unfinished hardwood is for customers who want do their own finishing, either to match a certain stain, or paint a certain color.

All unfinished stands are finished sanded starting with 100 grit (drum sander), then hand sanded with a random orbital sander at 120 grit, then 220 grit, and finally finished with 320 grit.  Prior to packing the entire stand is shrink wrapped.  The shrink wrap helps reduce lose of moisture in the wood, and prevent small checking.  The shrink wrap should be left on until the day you plan on doing the finishing.

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