TV Riser Stands

 Made in Colorado, USA

Jim's Woodworks offers for sale the finest quality hand-crafted TV risers, stands, desk top risers, office organizers, & monitor keyboard stands made in Colorado, USA

TV Stands at are the perfect solution for adding space for your DVD, DVR, cable box, center speaker, or other equipment. With the many different sizes available at Jims Woodworks you can customize your entertainment space to fit your personal needs.

Elevate your larger items from your desk freeing up space with these stylish wood desk risers. The elegant designed solid hardwood organizers made from Oak, or Walnut, will provide extra room on your desk.  Place your monitor on these sturdy desk risers for efficient use of your work surface. 

Made to Order TV Stands - Desk Risers

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CDR101 TV Riser Stand 
CDR401 Two Tone  
CDR201 Formal Desk Riser 
Formal Mission 
C3078 Arched Leg  
C2964 Curved Leg 

In the Made to Order Display Stand Catalog pages you will find display stands that can be custom made for you and shipped in about 3-4 weeks depending on the stand size and current order volume.  I have many different styles, and sizes available.  I design many of the display stands you will see and work with customers on new ideas they have for new display stands.

Each display stand I build is an original piece. The materials are all solid hardwoods or softwoods depending on which you choose. 
The display stands may vary in grain pattern and color. The finished sizes of the display stands will be within 1/8" of the listed sizes.

  Every display stand received from Jims Woodworks is the best quality available in workmanship and materials, Jim