Shipping & Packing

Shipping Cost:  FREE SHIPPING on your order for $60 or more

Shipping & Packing

I use UPS Ground and USPS for shipping all of my products.

Packing Basics

How a item is packed is very important, because a damaged item has no value, and is a big disappointment for the customer. 

When it comes to selling online, many sellers don't understand the importance of shipping, namely large business's like Amazon. 

Most customers expect items be in perfect condition when they receive them, and so do I.  Nobody wants to send an item back and wait weeks for a new one.

That's why here at Jims Woodworks all stands are double box with an inside box and an outside box. 

The inside box is separated by a minimum of 1.5 inches of packing material on all sides.  I also designed patented special triangle cushioning devices that better protect items on the top and bottom when needed. 

Since I ship 2600+ different sizes of custom made stand, the inside and outside boxes are custom made in the Jims Woodworks shop to exactly meet the size requirement for each order.  Using these shipping techniques I developed over the last 19 years all stands will arrive at your door in perfect condition.

All boxes, paper, and special triangle cushioning devices are made from recycled material. (Go Green)

International Shipping

I do ship internationally (outside of the USA).  Currently my shopping cart is only setup for shipping by UPS in the United States.  For international customers please email me for the shipping cost.