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C2930 Low Profile Bonsai Stand TV Riser - 22" Length

C2930 Low Profile Bonsai Stand TV Riser - 22" Length

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Made to Order Item C2930 Low Profile Display Stand - 22 inch Length.
 Your choice of different widths and type of wood.

Made to Order Item #C2930 Low Profile Details: 
Low Profile Style heavy duty hand-crafted Bonsai Stand, Collectible Display, or TV riser. The top and deluxe two piece style feet are made from solid hardwood. The display stand is finished with a protective satin water resistant finish.

    The Display Stand height is about 1 .75" tall (1 3/4)

    Standard Features:

    • Made from solid hardwood
    • Water resistant washable finish
    • Decorative edges
    • Stands can support 150 or more pounds
    • Stands are made within 1/8" of the listed size

    The wood may vary in grain pattern and color. 

    Below is a picture of the dimensions I use for all products.

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